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“Spiritual Food for a Year for $50”


We started distributing “Spiritual Food” in the form of structured Sunday School materials to 5 Dominican churches with about 235 kids in September 2010. We have experienced growth in the number of churches we serve (now 16) and growth in the number of children in attendance (over 700). Some churches started with around 35 kids and now have about 80.


The churches we serve are spreading the word about our educational resources and there are other

churches that have approached us and are on a waiting list.  We estimate that it takes about $4.00 per month per child to provide lesson materials in the Bible Lesson Libraries we have installed in these churches.

Our “Spiritual Food for a Year for $50” is a program that encourages the "Children's Church" program in a US church to fund lesson materials for a Dominican child. 

We recognize that there are many fine missionary organizations whose main ministry is meeting the physical needs of children with the love of Christ. We consider that to be of utmost importance and do not want to duplicate what others are successfully doing. We have found that the long term inconsistency of quality structured Christian education has been a contributing factor to shrinking churches in the Dominican Republic. That is why our main focus is in “Equipping the Next Generation to Serve” by “training a child in the way he should go, so that when he is old he will not depart from it” – Proverbs 22:6.

Consider partnering with us in this way: Encourage your Mission's Team, Children's Ministry Director and Leadership Team to provide “Spiritual Food” with the love of Christ to the next generation by directing some of your Children's Church offerings to fund lessons for one or more Dominican children. We will provide a photo, name and age of the child your Children's Church is supporting. We believe this will be uplifting to the DR kids knowing US kids care about their spiritual walk, and provides your kids with some perspective on their role in "Missions" and in Dominican kids lives.   Contact us to  at; for further discussion or information.

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