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 Mission Trips & Information

Note: Trips from Mid-January to Mid-March can include an optional 3 day extension for those that want to go whale watching after their week of service (contact us for details). Trip duration is usually 7 days, however, schedules are flexible and can be tailored to a groups needs. Ideal mission teams are 6 to 8 volunteers, based on our vehicle capacity (25-30 for conferences); please contact us for teams larger than 8 or smaller than 6. Contact us for your scheduling preference.

Thank you for your interest in a short-term mission trip with us; please complete a "Volunteer Missionary Registration Form" for each traveler (located after the FAQ's).

Many things should be considered as you make this decision. For additional information, please refer to the “Mission’s Trip Training Manual”.

Here are some FAQ’s for potential “Missionary Volunteers”:

1. What is the cost of the trip?

           Individual Trip Donation for a 7 day trip is $575 plus

           airfare ($435 for additional family members); airfare range is

           from around $300 to $600 depending on departing location,

           season and use of "discount" or "full service" airline (Spirit Air or 

           Jet Blue are suggested discount airlines flying from Ft.     

           Lauderdale or Orlando, FL to Santiago, Dom Rep.)

           Contact us for trips longer than 1 week.

2. What is included in the cost of the trip?

           Meals, lodging at the “Resource Center/Mission

           House”, ground transportation overseas, support

           for materials for the “Resource Center” and

           benevolent needs we may encounter. Not included:

           travel insurance (see "Mission’s Trip Training Manual" for

           suggestions) airfare, church offerings, spending money and


3. How do I raise money for the trip?

           Funding your participation in a short-term mission

           trip is best when each “Volunteer Missionary”

           includes others in raising their support. Even

           though some are able to fund the trip out of their

           own resources, raising support allows others that

           can’t go to participate with their financial support,

           encouragement and prayers on your behalf; it also

           serves as a testimony of your willingness to get

           out of your comfort zone and serve. The “Missions

           Trip Training Manual” has ideas for raising funds

           and the forms that should be included in your

           solicitations. Some churches will "co-op" the trip

           expenses to encourage their members to

           participate in short-term mission trips. 

           All donor gifts must be sent to 

           Pr 22:6 Resource Ministry, Inc.

           in order to be properly receipted. Donations

           become the property of Pr 22:6 Resource Ministry,

           Inc. and will be used to assist each “Missionary

           Volunteer” seeking to travel to the Dominican


4. When does the cost of the trip need to be paid?

           30 days prior to trip date.

5. How will I know the amount of donations received on my behalf?

           We will provide weekly updates of donations received as

           well as your cumulative donations including donor names. We

           will not divulge the amount of the donation to avoid the human

           tendency to focus on the amount of the gift rather than

           the generosity of the giver. Donors will receive a year-end

           donation receipt.

6. What if I do not raise enough funds?

           If a person is short of funds, the gifts are held for a year in

           order to solicit enough funds to cover expenses. When a person

           raises more than sufficient funds, the excess is used in the   

           overall ministry of that particular trip. No refunds are made.    

           Funds cannot be carried over from one year to another with

           the following exception: If a person cannot go due to lack of

           funds, injury, illness, or providential circumstances, their fund     

           are kept in an account for one year to allow travel the  

           following year.    

7. Can excess funds be used for spending money?

           No. Due to IRS guidelines, we are not permitted to issue tax

           deductible donations for personal use (The IRS has recognized   

           us as an exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the

           Internal Revenue Code. Donors may deduct contributions as

           provided in section 170 of the Code). You can be reimbursed for

           your airfare and receipted travel expense to and from the

           departure point (airport) from funds that exceed the trip cost.

8. Do I need a Passport?

          Yes, a current, valid passport is needed. As of January 1, 2006,

          the U. S. government requires all citizens from the USA to have

          a passport to travel overseas.

9. Do I need any specific immunizations?

          Generally no specific immunizations are needed, however,

          check with your local Health Department and follow their

          guidelines. Make sure you are up to date on your normal


10. Where will I stay?

          Lodging is in the "Mission House/Resource Center" located in a

          comfortable, spacious 5 bedroom house in Santiago (if attending

          a conference lodging is at a Camp for the duration of the

          conference [Click here for link to photo of Mission House]

11. Where will I go?

          We serve churches in Santiago and within 1 1/2 hours of driving

          time from the "Resource Center/Mission House".

12. What will I do?

          Help maintain the "Resource Center/Mission House"

          by participating in chores, preparing lesson

          materials, packing supplies, constructing and

          sorting props, media, etc.), participating in a "Children's Lunch

          Program", lead and/or participate in Bible Studies, and daily

          devotions; other activities might include assisting a Dominican

          Medical Team in a "Medical Outreach Program" in a remote or

          needy community, a building project, or a "hands-on" help

          project the local church needs. We can tailor trip tasks to the

          ability/talents of the visiting team (i.e. medical outreach,

          building projects, etc.)

13. Do I need to know Spanish?

          No. Some our most effective "Volunteer Missionaries" that keep

          coming back to the DR don't speak Spanish. A smiling face and a

          loving heart overcome a language deficiency.

14. Are there age limits?

          Missionary volunteers should be at least 18 years old.

          Parent/Teen Missionary Teams are a popular bonding and

          memory building experience that help instill the value of service

          in teenagers; we recommend that teenagers traveling with their

          parents or a sponsoring adult be 14 to 15 years old.

15. Luggage limitations?

          Full service airlines generally allow 2 pieces of checked luggage

          (40 to 50 pounds each) and one carry-on bag. Discount airlines

          may charge for checked luggage and a carry-on. Missionary

          Volunteers close to Jacksonville, usually help transport supplies

          we will use in ministry in their luggage (usually the equivalent of

          1 suitcase). The "Mission Trip Training Manual" provides further

          information and packing tips.

"Volunteer Missionary" Registration Form

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