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Laptops for DR Students

Laptops for DR Students" will give our supporters another way to participate in our ministry, help college bound Dominican students, and get a little tax break. If you have replaced your laptop and it’s sitting in a corner unused, or are going to replace it, consider donating your old/functioning laptop to Pr 22:6 Resource Ministry.


“Laptops for DR Students” will give your older/functioning laptop a new home where it will have a new lease on life serving a DR student. One of the great needs for DR students entering college is a laptop computer. We have had a few laptop donations in the past, that have been a blessing to the recipients and believe it’s time to “go public” with this, so to speak.


If you attend one of our supporting churches in the US, you can drop off your laptop at:

Creekside Christian Church 

South Haven Christian Church 

Swiss Cove Christian Church 

Olathe Christian Church

or send it to:

Pr 22:6 Resource Ministry 11250 Old Saint Augustine Rd suite 5236

Jacksonville, FL 32257


Please identify yourself and provide an address (email or street address) when dropping off or shipping so we can provide you with an “in kind” donation receipt for tax purposes (you will assign the value of your machine).


Make sure to “wipe clean” and “reset” your laptop to remove all your information and reset the machine to factory default settings. There are several YouTube videos on how to do this.


By the way, we'll also take older cell phones (wiped clean of course and reset to factory defaults) to give away in the DR  (Iphone must be 6 or higher to function in the DR).


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