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Ministry Activities for 2023

1. Christian Education materials for about 1,000 Dominican children pre-school to high school. We're now building individual libraries in each church. When our health, age, or mortality catches up with us, the DR churches will be able to continue their education program.

2. Discipleship lessons for new adult converts

3. Basic Christian Doctrinal lessons for adults

4. Host “The Art of Marriage” video series in Mission House

5. Fund two Children’s lunch program

6. Fund College Campus Ministry at National Evangelical University

7. Provide tuition assistance to two young men attending Bible College

8. In our 6th year of hosting annual cross cultural youth conference “TheEdge Conference” for Dominican teens and American College students(facilitated by Florida and Kansas churches)

9. In our 6th  year of hosting a Ladies cross cultural conference ("Radiante), facilitated by two Florida churches.

10 . We also host a bi-annual “Family Ministry” workshop for Dominican teachers(facilitated by Swiss Cove).

11. Recent translation projects:

a. Worksheets for new addition to pre-school lessons

12. We’ll distribute 1,000 backpacks to children in churches we serve.

13. We normally host 6 visiting mission’s teams to the DR

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