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What is Missions?

Simply put, “missions” is God sending someone to point another person to Him. In the Old Testament, God sent Jonah to point the Ninevites to God (Jonah 1:2); in Luke 10:1, Jesus sent his disciples in pairs on a mission’s trip, and of course there is Paul, Barnabas, Silas, Mark and others in the New Testament.

Who is the greatest missionary and what is the longest mission’s trip? That would be Jesus coming all the way from heaven to point mankind to God.

What do missionaries do?

Two activities are evident in the ministry of possibly the greatest New Testament missionary: the Apostle Paul. In Paul’s first missionary journey (Acts 13:3), his focus was in planting churches (leading people to Christ); in his second journey his goal was to “see how the churches were doing” (Acts 15:36) and to strengthen and encourage them.

Who is involved in Missions?

There are at least three parties that participate in missions. First, there is the one that goes (Paul and Barnabas), second is the party that sends (the church at Antioch), third but not least, is God (who does the calling and places it on the heart of the missionary) – Acts 13:1-3

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