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Dominican Churches

Non-Denominational Christian Churches in the Dominican Republic are shrinking because Dominican churches lack the resources and training to sustain vibrant, innovative, interesting and exciting children’s programming on a consistent basis to maintain their youth engaged and their churches alive. Leaders from several Dominican churches have invited us to help them with their year round Children’s Ministry Programs to reverse this shrinking trend.

The Dominican churches we serve vary from modern city churches to country churches with little or no technology.

One thing that all Dominican churches have in common is their lively and expressive worship services. Music is "in the blood" of all Dominicans and their praise music is varied, loud and lengthy.

"Iglesia Cristiana del Primer Amor" (Christian Church of the First Love) in the community of "Los Robles" (The Oaks) in the city of Santiago. 

 "New Sinai Christian Church" in city of "Mao


"Assembly of God Church" in

"Pueblo Nuevo"

"Body of Christ Christian Church" in

"Pueblo Nuevo"

"Body of Christ Christian Church" in

city of "Mao Valverde"

"Body of Christ Christian Church"

in "Esperanza"

"Christian Church of the First Love" in "Cienfuegos" Community in city of "Santiago"

"Body of Christ Church" in Santiago community of Los Salados

"Body of Christ Church of Herrera" in Santo Domingo (capital of the Dominican


"Body of Christ Church" in Imbert

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