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Dominican Sights and Sounds 

Mission trips aren't just about rewarding hard work, they are FUN! 

Damajagua River's famous 27 Waterfalls!

27 Waterfalls, Rio Damajagua, Dominican Republic

Come visit the Dominican Republic and enjoy the natural wonder of the 27 waterfalls!

One hour from our Mission House you can find yourself wading through crystal clear water with smooth natural stone under foot

and jungle foliage growing up to 30-ft.

walls on either side, you get the feeling

that this is the water park that God made.

Thirty minutes west of Puerto Plata,

through the cane fields and along a

rough river bed, you come to the trail

that takes you through the jungle to

the base of the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua. Young, able guides lead you through the jungle, then the fun comes sliding or jumping down in what indeed is a waterslide that only mother nature could design!

The Beaches...

Columbus found the Dominican Republic on his very first voyage to the New World. He said it was, "the most beautiful island in the world"!

The beaches in the Dominican Republic are unspoiled Caribbean jewels that sparkle in the island sun. The country boasts almost 800 miles of coastline, featuring some of the most stunning sands in the Caribbean.

Whale Watching...

Samaná Bay is where the action takes place for this exciting nature excursion. Depending on your location, most tours depart very early in the morning to ensure you get to Samaná in plenty of time to enjoy a great day. Each January through March, more than 10,000 incredible Humpback whales of the North Atlantic population, return to the waters surrounding the Dominican Republic to mate and breed. Marine guides will narrate your boat excursion, explaining mating and breeding information about the whales and their behavior. Witnessing these magnificent creatures, the most active of all whales, is definitely an experience of a lifetime.


Music is very important in the Dominican way of life. It is said that Dominican children can dance before they can walk. Everywhere you go in the country can be heard some type of music. Be it Merengue, Bachata, Salsa or Raggaeton,; the sounds so vibrant, are indicative of the way of life in the Domincan.    

Deep Sea Sport Fishing...

If you enjoy fishing, you will love this trip to the pristine waters off the coast of Hispaniola. Try your hand at catching Blue Marlin, Bonefish, Grouper, Kingfish, Tuna and more.

White Water Rafting...

One hour from the Mission House is the Dominican Republic's only White Water Rafting

Swiss Cove Christian Church Mission's Team takes to the Rapids

Rafting is becoming a popular destination for Dominican Republic Mission Trip's recreation day

Zip Lining...

Walk the Plank on a Pirate Ship on top of a mountan in Samaná (whale watching town) to 12 Zip Lines through a lush green canopy and over a waterfall.

Walk the Plank Zipline

Zipline in Dominican Republic

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