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"News and Information" features people in and out of the Dominican Republic that are using their talents and news worthy items about our ministry. (Click on images for larger view)

Cienfuegos Christian Church Building Enclosed

The classroom building project in Esperanza ran into some site problems that we could not overcome in time for the Creekside Christian Church building team. We diverted the resources and the team to help a project that had been languishing for over 3 years (it was more or less at window level with a poorly constructed partial roof over the classroom at the rear of the building). The Christian Church in Cienfuegos (poor area of Santiago) is one of the churches we provide with children’s lessons (35 kids). They initially gathered the kids in their living room (maybe 150 square feet) and then in the rear section of the partially constructed church building one block away.

The 2014 visiting team from Creekside Christian church helped pour the beams (by hand), construct the trusses (from scratch) and install them. They left the building ready for the tin roof, windows, floor and front door in spite of a number of challenges and delays. The floor, windows, burgler bars, front door and roof were completed by Dominican workers the same week.

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