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Dental Care Vacations

Meet Dr. Jose L. Flores (friend and supporter of Pr 22:6 Resource Ministry)

Dr. Flores has been providing excellent family dentistry services for us since 2005; he has a beautiful modern facility and provides state of the art services ( Our dental expenses have been lower by thousands of dollars (50% to 66% less) than we have been quoted in the US even with Dental Insurance! As an example, we were quoted $6,600 out-of-pocket after dental insurance deductibles and benefits for both Edda and I (in Florida); Dr. Flores total bill was $2,700 without insurance. As you see, the difference easily covered the airfare to the DR and then some.

Dr. Flores has offered to extend our deep discounts to friends and supporters of our ministry. Your “dental care dollars” can go further if you visit us in the DR and have your dental work performed by Dr. Flores.

We will provide room and board in our Mission House, and transportation. Use your savings for some R&R in the DR and a donation to PR 22:6 Resource Ministry to help offset our expenses and facilitate expansion (contact us at

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