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Our Mission: Equipping the Next Generation to Serve

"The purpose of Pr 22:6 Resource Ministry is to strengthen and support Dominican Republic churches by providing Christian Education materials to train, equip and encourage the youth to serve within the local churches and nurture the growth of future leaders." 

As David Jeremiah states:

"Each child needs to know that he is unique and not like any other child God ever created. The Hebrew phrase "in the way" describes the habit or character of an individual at his own age level. The emphasis is on the importance of adjusting our training according to the ability of the child at each stage of his development. Each child has his own way, and by paying attention, we can determine what that way is.

The root meaning for the term "train up" is "palate roof of the mouth". The Arab midwife would take olive oil or crushed dates on her finger and rub the palate of a newborn baby to create in the infant a desire to suck. A real meaning of "training" is to create a taste or desire. Our task is to develop in our children a hunger or desire for spiritual things, to cultivate an urge to follow God."

"We believe we can successfully equip the next generation to serve by providing consistent, spiritual leadership and a structured children’s ministry program. "  

[David Sepulveda, Co-founder of Pr 22:6 Resource Ministry, Inc.]

"If we don't train our youth to be leaders, our churches will die"

[Benito Martinez, Dominican Pastor]

Ministry Activities include:

  1. Providing children's curriculum in Spanish (translating and adapting to cultural needs and limitations of the local churches as needed)
  2. Maintaining a centralized “Resource Center,” in the Dominican Republic that will provide resources and supplies (free of charge) to the Dominican churches
  3. Training and equipping Dominican youth leaders
  4. Hosting cross-cultural short-term mission trips (click here for more information) to the Dominican Republic for participating churches in the US to witness, participate, and share in preparing the next generation to serve and lead

Learn more about the challenges facing Dominican churches.

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