Resource Ministry, Inc.  - "Train up a child in the way he should go:
7 Ways You Can Help Us
1. Prayer - The most important support you can provide to us is your
    prayer support.
    Prayer for fertile young minds
    Prayer for the Christian Education leaders and teachers we support
    Prayer for our strength, health and energy (we're not so young
    Prayer for willing Mission Teams to come help us in the DR
    Prayer for financial support to expand our ministry to many on a  
    waiting list
2. Donate Specific Back-to-School items -Include Pr 22:6  
     Resource Ministry in your "Back-to-School"
     purchases (click here for details)
3. "Spiritual Food for 1 Year for $50 Coin Bank" - Your loose   
    change can provide Sunday School Lessons and supplies to one 
    Dominican child for a year (click here for details)
4. Join us on a Mission Trip - (click here for details) or sponsor
    someone who is joining us on a mission trip
5. Vacation in the DR - Experience the many attractions of the
    Dominican Republic with us. Stay in our "Mission House" and we'll
    provide breakfast and transportation to your recreation
    destination. Observe our ministry up close and help with a donation 
6. General Financial Support (click here for details)

7. Make your "" purchases through 
    "" and we will receive a .5% donation.  
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